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Aeres UAS

In May and June Remind Learning offers a course at the Aeres UAS where you will learn how to study more effectively and with more motivation. On this page we’re happy to tell you more about the course and about how you can apply.

A training about learning

The past few years have been challenging for many students. It hasn’t been easy to stay motivated and focus on studying with all the restrictions and lock-down’s. To help students bounce back from this period stronger then ever Aeres UAS and Remind Learning are offering you this course which will help to continue your educational career with more studyskills, self-knowledge and motivation.

Times and dates

The course will consist of four moments of three hours each at your school in May and June. The times and dates will be announced around the 6th of May and are chosen with as much regard as possible to the lesson times of the attendees. In order to ensure enough individual attention to each of the participants we have a maximum group size of 15 students.


During the course we will be working with a method called Cleverly being yourself which consist of the following nine topic:

  • The brain: learn how your mindset can make of break your ability to learn
  • Memory: increase your memory with proven memory techniques
  • Planning: create oversight and take control of your time
  • Willpower: learn how make and break habits en be more disciplined
  • Concentration: find out how to increase your ability to concentrate and be productive
  • Reading: discover how you can read faster while remembering more
  • Creativity: unlock the power of your creative brain
  • Motivation: experience how introspection can lead to more motivation

Want to apply?

Do you want to apply for this unique chance in self-development? Click on the button below and fill out the short form. The deadline for applying is on May 1st ay 23:59. After applying you will receive all the practical information on the 6th of May.

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